Careful Driver Help

What is a Condition?

A condition is a speed limit and its associated action in case of a violation. For example, you may have three conditions: "City", "Highway", and "Drag Racing." If you are drag-racing (in this case, going over 80 miles/hour), you may want to be notified every 10 minutes that you're drag racing. On the other hand, if you are going at 60 miles/hour, you may just want to be warned with a warning message. If you primarily do city driving, you can set up a limit to warn yourself in case of speeding at city speeds. Please note that you can also notify someone else by setting the phone up to send text messages to numbers you specify.

Examples of Conditions

Condition Title: City

  • Speed Limit: 35

  • Vibration: checked

  • Voice alert: checked

  • Show notifications in the status bar: unchecked

  • Send Text Messages: unchecked

When you go faster than 35 files miles/hour sustained, Careful Driver will warn you with phone vibrating and a voice alert to slow down.


Condition Title: Drag Racing

  • Speed Limit: 80

  • Vibration: checked

  • Voice alert: checked

  • Show notifications in the status bar: checked

  • Send Text Messages: checked, Text Number: 212-1234567

Now if you go faster than 80 miles/hour, Careful Driver will send a text to 212-1234567 indicating that the speed limit was violated.


Creating a Condition:

To create a new condition, go to the main (conditions) window and select "New Condition" from the menu.

Deleting a Condition:

To delete a condition, select and hold the selection, and a menu will pop up to delete the condition.

How to Respond to Speed Violations

There are four ways for Careful Driver to respond to speeding violations:

  1. Vibrate: This will vibrate your phone to warn you.
  2. Voice Alert: This will result in an audible warning to slow down and watch your speed.
  3. Notification in status bar: this will cause a notification in the status bar
  4. Send text messages: This will cause a text message to be sent out to the one or more numbers you have selected. This is the only part of Careful Driver that sends any private data outside of your phone, and only to the numbers you have specified. You can specify your own number as well. Sending text messages may incur charges depending on your phone service plan.

Violation Viewer

Careful Driver has a built in functionality to see your violations. Clicking on a violation will open Google Maps at the exact location you violated the condition.