Talking Email

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Talking Email speaks to let you know when you have new email. It supports most popular email services using POP or IMAP and provides basic MS Exchange support. Talking Email also supports push IMAP so you get notified immediately when an email arrives.

  • Filter out what to say depending on who an email is from (in your favorites, contacts, or just anybody). You can choose to speak who it is from, its subject, a count of emails, or nothing. That way you never miss out on your important emails.
  • An optional "privacy mode" makes the application talk only if it will speak through headphones or bluetooth (that is, if it doesn't speak through the speakerphone)
  • Will not disturb if you are on a phone call
  • Respects your volume settings (it will only talk if you're not on vibrate or silent).

Now you don't need to fidget with your phone to see when you have important emails. Great for hands-free convenience, and great while on the road!

Talking Email does not collect any private information. It does connect to the various email services you specify in the preferences to get the emails so it can speak their envelope information.