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Our goal is to make installing and using our applications as easy as possible. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please send us an email.

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Initial Setup Help

  • To have Talking Email speak your email, please setup accounts in the options menu. Please also include your gmail account in this setup.
  • Please setup options for what you want spoken for Favorites, Contacts, etc.

Usage Help & FAQ

I just got an email and it did not speak it aloud?

Talking Email supports push IMAP, so you should get an immediate notification for IMAP based accounts, such as Gmail.

  • In order to enhance battery life, Talking Email only checks for email periodically (as set for each account) for polled accounts- the default period is 15 minutes. Sometimes that can delay the notification time.
  • Please make sure that you have set up your email accounts in Talking Email options.
  • Please set your volume on full to make sure that the sound is easy to hear.
  • Please make sure that the application is enabled in Talking Email settings menu.
  • Please make sure that TTS is installed and there are no warnings from Talking Email in the notification bar.

How do I mute it while it is talking?

To mute it, press Menu/Stop/Home a couple of times while it is talking.

How do I enable/disable the service?

To enable/disable the service, please press "Menu" and then "Settings", and then toggle the "Enabled" option.

I want to select what to speak aloud?

You can choose differently for different types of emails senders- Favorites, Contacts, Others. By default, It only reads the count of emails for others, names for contacts, and name/subject for your favorites. You can change them as you see fit.

Known Issues & Limitations

If you see a message that requests you to send a bug-report, it means that the application has detected an inconsistent state. If you see this message, please go to the Options menu and send us an email by selecting "Email us" option and describing the situation under which it happened. That will greatly help find and fix the issues quickly.
  • At the present time, we have no known issues. 

Version History

1.0.Trial (2010-05-02)

  • Initial trial release