Über Keyboard

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TalkToMe Keyboard is now Über Keyboard!

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On list of "10 Best Android Applications that you must install on your Smartphone."


Über Keyboard adds many features to the standard Android™ keyboard:

  • Word suggestions and spelling corrections to the physical keyboard the same way the standard keyboard does for the soft keyboard
  • Advanced skinning capability - choose your own colors, fonts, and images to have your keyboard reflect YOUR personality! (Font selection for Android 1.6 or later phones). You can also increase the font size to make it easier to see.
  • Custom mappings: e.g. "idk"->"I don't know"
  • Arrow keys for easy navigation, especially for phones without a trackball
  • Compact QWERTY keyboard option
  • Voice recognition! You talk, it types - Integration with Google Voice Recognition Service to enable transcription for input. You can alternate between speaking and typing as you prefer. You can use this to talk to type in any application such as Gmail, SMS/MMS/Messaging. Note: If you do not have Google Voice Search, you will not be able to use this feature.

Über Keyboard does not collect or send any private information. However, the Google Voice Search interface to the application does send your speech to Google servers for translation.

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